Since the end of 2014, Google has shifted to put more importance on local ranking. Local SEO is all about optimising a site based on location. One of the big steps of local SEO is by setting up Google Places. Note: Google My Business and Google Places are the same thing. Google Places has been renamed to Google My Business!

What is Google Places/Google My Business?

Google Places exists to give Google extra info: a description of a business, images, contact info, opening times, the address. The sort of stuff that you’d find on the website or Facebook page of a business. Consider this: you’re on the move, in your car, and you need to get to your nearest bank. You’ll Google ‘[Bank name] Dublin’. If the bank has a Places page, your phone will pull up the address straight away. Much simpler than navigating to a Contact tab or going looking for the address.

For example, if I Google ‘Nuasoft’, you’ll get the regular info (title, meta description, title tags, etc.) as well as the extra info via Google Places.

Why use Google Places/Google My Business?

  • Increases online visibility.
  • In search results, you might list above competitors who don’t have Places set-up. Suckers!
  • Reviews, if you have any, will appear in search results. Handy! Some images and videos will also show up. Choose your media well and you might see a boost in your visitors/click-through-rate.

How do I set up a Google Places/Google My Business?

Setting up Google Places/Google My Business is fairly straightforward. So:

1. Go to

2. Click the ‘Get on Google’ call-to-action.

3. A map and search bar will open up. Type in your business URL. If you don’t have any contact info available, now’s the time to fill it in. Once you’ve filled it in, you’ll need to verify this info. There’s several ways to do so, but the easiest is via a phone call or mobile. Google will call or text you and you’ll verify the details and your info will be added to Google Maps.

4. Once that’s all verified, set up your business Google+ page. Upload a high-quality logo, banner image, and make sure all your info is right. Your Google+ needs to list the same details as your Google Maps pin. Make sure it aligns!

Once everything is set-up and verified, you’ll have a second online home. You can engage with customers, collect reviews, share posts, photos, videos! Whatever, really!

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