Some people seem to do things on social mediathat you wouldn’t dream of doing in the real world. From a young age most people have been brought up to respect others in life, so why is it on social media that people start to do crazy things and disrespect others?

I think they just don’t know any different. In this post I will outline how I feel people should behave on social media to build a community and encourage growth in your digital marketing campaign.

Set Aside Adequate Time

Setting time aside can be quite easy but you need to set the right amount of time aside in order to concentrate on other things in your business. Anyone can spend hours and hours on social media promoting their brand but are they getting a return on the amount of time spent online? Most likely not, but this doesn’t mean that social media will not give you a healthy ROI.

Like most things there is a happy balance to be found, generally 1 – 2 hours broken up throughout the day is a perfect amount of time to spent tweeting and responding. This will change for most businesses but a happy medium can be found to balance time between all aspects of your job.

Listen & Respond

If you only take one thing out of this blog and it’s ‘Listen’ I’ll be happy. This is one of the most important things in social media as it gives you a chance to see what people are saying about your brand. If you listen you can solve any issue or problems people might be having about your product/service. Hootsuite is a good tool in which you can type keywords to do with your brand and see exactly what people are tweeting/posting about your brand.

Now that you have taken the time to listen to people it’s time to issue a response.  The best way to respond to any of these questions is quickly. The quicker you do it the happier the end user will be. If you leave the response too much longer than a day then they might feel ignored but the most important thing is to get back to them at some stage.

Use Negative Comments To Your Advantage

When searching to see what people have said there will always be some negative comments, some might just be plain ‘haters’ but others might have legitimate reasons for the harsh comment. Believe it or not but these comments are some of the most constructive comments your brand will receive on social media. Respond as best you can to the comment and try solving the problem straight away.

Another good aspect of social media is that everyone can see these negative comments, so when you respond quickly and solve the problem people will see how helpful you were and might sway their decision to buying your product in the future.

Don’t Steal Content

Stealing the content of others is one of the biggest DON’TS of social media. Stealing content and branding it as your own is the worse thing you can do as somebody has spent time and effort to write that content so if you steal it you have committed a big social media crime.

Some people who are new to social media don’t know the difference between stealing content and promoting other peoples content, this really annoys me. One of the main concepts of social media is to promote other peoples content and give them the credit for it. This can be done simply by writing the tweet, adding a link and their username (@).

Don’t Over Self-Promote

Self-promoting is a great aspect of social media as it gives your business the chance to get its message out to thousands of followers. Social Media can really expand the reach of your company by people sharing or re-pining your products. Some companies have the wrong idea of social media and they use it as 100% free advertising, all they do is self-promote their own content. It works for some niche companies but for others it’s frowned upon.

The idea of social media is to become industry experts and provide relevant information to your followers. This will only happen by promoting the content of others first and slowly phase in your own content. One thing I hate is seeing 10 tweets from the same company in your twitter feed only promoting their own content. I have a simple solution for these businesses and it’s a little button that turns red when you are about to click it “UnFollow”.

My Social Media Overview

If you adopt the typical salesman approach of ”Sell, Sell, Sell” in your social media campaign you might as well give up now as you won’t last a minute in the harsh world of social media. However if you be patient, listen respond and remember the key rules to sharing content your social media campaign will grow organically.

“Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself” – Every Mother In The World

Seriously, social media is a wonderful tool for every digital marketing agency or campaign. Don’t abuse it!

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